The team at AGS Legal® also guides its clients to the most efficient and practical solutions in diverse bankruptcy situations with varying degree of complexity and stakes. Our extensive experience in representing creditors, distressed corporates, as well as acquirers in the acquisition of companies in insolvency through a ‘resolution plan’ equips us in handholding clients through the entire process.

Advisory Services:

  • Advising companies on pre-insolvency stages on corporate debt restructuring;
  • Advising Insolvency Professional during the CIRP on various legal issues;
  • Advising Liquidators during the liquidation of Corporate Debtor;
  • Advising Resolution Applicants in preparation of Resolution plans;
  • Advising promoters in relation to the CIRP/Liquidation;
  • Advising the IP’s on various facets of IBC, 2016 with Companies Act, 2013; and
  • Advising various companies on fast track liquidation route provided under IBC, 2016.
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Representational Services:

  • Filing of applications, replies, rejoinders etc. before NCLT, NCLAT and Supreme Court;
  • Representing clients before the NCLT, NCLAT and Supreme Court;
  • Representations before all judicial and quasi-judicial fora; and
  • Drafting and filing applications before Adjudicating Authorities, other forums.

IBC Litigation Services:

  • Representing and assisting Operational and Financial Creditors to initiate CIRP/ Liquidation;
  • Representing and assisting various stakeholders during CIRP/Liquidation;
  • Representation involves representing before;
  • AA, NCLAT, SC;
  • IP;
  • CoC
  • SCC

We have been involved in several matters involving the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 representing both creditors as well as debtors before various company law and appellate tribunals. The team has represented creditors in various sectors, such as infrastructure, …............... Specifically, the team has rendered advisory and consultancy services to creditors on various potential issues that could arise as a result of an interplay between the Code and other applicable laws.